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Owners Corporation Amendment (Short-Stay Accommodation) Bill 2016

The Victorian State Government's Environment and Planning Committee is conducting an inquiry and its purpose is to:

  • Undertake consultation with short stay accommodation providers, individuals and owners corporations about the contents of the Bill

  • Examine the impact of short-stay accommodation on residents and owners corporations of apartment buildings

  • Examine the adequacy of owners corporation rules in managing the impact of short stay accommodation. 


The deadline for submissions was 28th February 2017.  Subsequently the SRA was invited by the Committee to speak to our submission at a public hearing.  A more detailed submission was prepared by the SRA  abd spoken to at the hearing. 


The Committee's report, 'Report on the Inquiry into the OC Amendment (Short-Stay Accommodation) Bill 2016'  was tabled in June 2017 and can be accessed here.

The draft bill and the terms of reference of the inquiry can be found here.


The initial SRA submission can be accessed here.  Our panel talking points can be accessed here.  The transcripts of public hearings can be accessed here.

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