Meet the Candidates

2020 City of Melbourne Council elections

Meet the Candidates Webinar


Held on Monday 12th October.

The video is available below and also on the SRA Facebook page

Reports from the webinar:










Melbourne City Council 2020 elections are later this month. Votes must be posted by 6pm 23 October.


To help you decide your preferences in the forthcoming Council elections, we have compiled, using data from the Victorian Electoral Commission website (select expand all), a spreadsheet of the preferences (xls) of all the parties in the election.  The candidates' preferences can sometimes tell you more about their values than their policy statements.

For the Leadership Team contest for Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor, you must put a number in each box.  The spreadsheet has each 'How to Vote' card.

For the election of the nine Councillors, you can either i) vote above the line by putting a '1' in a square or ii) vote below the line and number all 59 squares.  The spreadsheet has how their votes will be distributed if you vote above the line.


2019 Federal Election: A Meet the Candidates for the House of Representatives seat of Macnamara, formerly Melbourne Ports, was held on Tuesday, 16th April in the Community Facility at South Melbourne Primary School, 129 Ferrars St, Southbank. 

The moderator was Bernadene Voss, a two-term Councillor and three-time Mayor in the City of Port Phillip. A successful businesswoman, Bernadene has been a resident for 20 years in the electorate of Macnamara.


Immediate below is the video of the event.


2018 State Election: A Meet the Candidates for the lower house seat of Albert Park was held at 6pm, on Tuesday, 30th October in the Boyd Community Hub. Stephen Mayne was the moderator.

2018 Mayoral Election: A Meet the Candidates was held at Boyd Community Hub on Thursday, 26th April, 2018.  Most of the candidates attended.  The event was moderated by Stephen Mayne.  The video of the event is the second of the two videos.