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The Southbank Residents Association is excited share with you an exclusive announcement that a new vertical community village will be created in Southbank featuring affordable housing and public facilities, following an agreement between the City of Melbourne and PDG Corporation.

The SRA Committee acknowledges that not everyone in the community is happy that the City of Melbourne proceeded with a tender for development on the Boyd Park block. While we all believe this space should have remained open space for the community, for which the SRA and the community's support/backing lobbied hard, SRA has represented your views at every opportunity to ensure adequate community space would be allocated within the development. We are very pleased Council listened and have included 1000sqm over two floors. We believe that overall this is a good balance.

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said the agreement was a win for the community, and will be the final component in the revitalisation of the J H Boyd Girl’s School site.


Southbank is the most densely populated suburb in Melbourne with only 2.5 square metres of public open space per person. Compare this with the Melbourne Open Space Strategy's recommendation of 20 square metres of public open space per person and it is clear an improvement is needed.

In early 2016 Southbank Residents Association launched a public campaign to petition Council to convert an entire block of land surrounding the Boyd Community Hub into public open space, preferably a park.

Despite gaining over 1000 signatures on a petition and overwhelming support from the community, Council decided to sell the land to a developer in September 2016.

We will get a park on part of the site, but the size and nature is still yet to be determined.

We thank the community for getting behind us with this campaign. We certainly demonstrated to Council the importance of open space to Southbank residents.

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